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Active Girl FAQs

  1. How many pills should one take in a day?

One should only take one tablet per day during menses for 5 days and thereafter menses 1 softgel per day

  1. For clients whose menses extend past 5 days, should they continue with the Golden pills?

Normal menstrual period last between 3-7 days. Clients whose periods last for more than 5 days should take the red tablet for 5 days then continue with the golden soft gel on the 6th day. Any client who bleeds for more than 9 days should seek medical attention.

  1. What happens to clients who bleed for less than 3 days?

The client should take the red tablets for three days and continue with the golden soft gels as soon as her period is over.

  1. Can it be used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?

No, it should not be used by pregnant women. Breastfeeding mothers need to consult their pharmacist and the medical doctor.

  1. How should a client who never have her periods take active girl?

She should take the golden soft gels until her periods return

  1. What are some of the common side effects? Though rare


Stomach upset.




  1. Can a client take the pills while on other supplements? Yes , Actually Active girl is a supplement in itself to Naturally balance the hormones
  2. Is it advisable for a client who has other underlining conditions to take Active girl? Yes , except those allergic to any of active girl ingredients, speak to your Doctor or pharmacist about the allergy.
  3. Will it affect my family planning method? No, actually active girl comes in handy to reduce the severe Side effects associated with several Family planning methods.
  4. Can the method be used by men who have acne issues? The product is designed for women with indications associated with hormonal imbalance,
  5. Can I use it to increase fertility? Yes. A regular cycle and reinstating the menstrual cycle increases the chances for conception to take place.

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