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Tropikal Brands represents leading brands from the world’s finest companies. We are driven to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence in everything we do. To all our partners: “Your success is our goal.”


Danone’s mission is to ensure the health of mothers and babies. Through their Cow & Gate and Milumeals range of products distributed by Tropikal Brands, Danone ensures that mothers in Kenya have access to quality products to support infant nutrition.


Founded in 1887 in Switzerland, Trisa is one of the world’s leading providers of oral care, hair care and body care products. Manufactured to the most stringent
quality, Trisa toothbrushes fit perfectly into the portfolio of Tropikal Brands. For this reason, we have been the exclusive distributors of the brand for over 10 years.

Associated British Foods (ABF)

Associated British Foods is a multinational food processing and retailing company based in London. The manufactures of Ovaltine Malt Drink, ABF has found footing
in Kenya through a strong partnership with Tropikal Brands.


Edgewell is a global firm that manufactures the popular shaving brand Schick. Schick is famous for its precision in blade shaving technology. We are privileged
to be their ambassadors in the Kenyan market.

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